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Tunel recuperador de salmuera 3.png

Brine recovery tunnel

Machine to close the pores of the product and recover the brine after injection.

Agitador triturador

Grinder agitator

Machine to prepare high viscosity brine, eliminating the formation of lumps. Due to the high speed of the rotor it can grind and stir.


Marinator tombler

Tombler to marinate 250 kilos capacity with Busch vacuum pump, control panel to program working time, made of type 304 stainless steel


Injector with
73 needles and soleras

Machine to inject meat with or without bone.

Tombler 500 kg


500 kg Tombler

Tenderizadora 2


Tenderizes any type of boneless meat, ensuring the bond, both intramuscular, and between fat and meat, helping to better distribute the brine.

Tombler 1500 kg 1.png


1500 kg Tombler

Revolvedora TMH 2.png



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