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Crusher agitator

Product description

Machine for the preparation of high viscosity brine, eliminating the formation of lumps. Due to the high speed of the rotor it can grind and stir.

General data

Dimensions: 124 cm long

113.5 cm wide

180 cm high

Warranty: 6 months

Technical data

Model: TMHATD10

Material: Completely in type 304 stainless steel

Mechanism: Stator and rotor mill

-Minimal separation between rotor and stator for better dissolution of the product.

-Axial flow to dissolve lumps and radial flow for agitation.

-Sanitary 1 hp pump to discharge brine by means of a hose avoiding runoff (waste) with a vertical position to discharge all the brine.

-10 hp motor, 3500 RPM, 220 Volts with stainless steel cap with square tank for 800 liters.

-Acrylic sight glass to check the water level in the tank.

Control board: Waterproof buttons.

-Button start push button for mill.

-Start push button for pump.

-Stainless steel hermetic cabinet for fixed controls in the tank.

-Stop push button.

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